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About Deviant Artist Nacho FernandezMale/Spain Recent Activity
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The Imperial Knight
One of last commissions from last year. An A3 size digital color. Really love these plastic knights for WH40.000. They´re so Epic Space Marine 1st edition-styled.
Happy New Year
Really busy these days, but there is my new year greeting card

Best wishes for 2017!
Strange care
Definitely, the cape has been the great discovery from Dr Strange
Award for Dragon Fall!!!
Ihis same week I´ve been really shocked! Dragon Fall, 0ur Dragonball Parody, and my first professional work, has received the Barcelona Manga Con Award to "Best Manga Made in Spain"  This comic is, at least, 20 years old, but now it´s being re-publishedin a sort of Ultimate Edition. That´s an award voted by readers, so I´m really pleased with all our followers in span and worldwide. Many thanks, anyone!!
Xian Lei
The Main character from my webcomic Kung Fu Monkey. 
You can check it here:…
Those last days i´ve been really inactive. That´s cause of an accident at home. A glass had the funny idea to break up while i was washing it. The cut on my index finger has been a bit complicated, because the glass curvy shard cut me off an whole piece of skin. Now I´m letting the finger rest, while tissue regenerates.

Please wait one or 2 weeks for the commissions, as soon as possible, I´ll restart working. Many thanks.
  • Listening to: Ramones: Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
  • Reading: The Ghostbusters Visual Guide Book
  • Watching: Just seen, The hateful Eight, last night (Wow!)


Nacho Fernandez
Current Residence: Barcelona
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Punk and Progressive Rock
Operating System: The Matrix, or Skynet... HEHEHEH
Favourite cartoon character: Harley Quinn and Mazinger Z



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DaMekBoy1111 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
I really love your drawings man, especially your Wolf & Sister Comic but due to your blog being down I am unable to read the english version of it and I was wondering if there is any other way to read it (It seems that a few people have already asked this and I am sorry to ask again but I would just really like to reread the comic). Anyways keep up the great work.
MightyRaptor Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hi Avalugg gif welcome to 2017
coolerdude111 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016
Hey man your site  space grey wolves blog that had the english version of Wolf and Sister is down, do you have another place where you posted the english comic?
Mrledward Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016
Hi. Truly amazing work. Has inspired me to pick up the pen again after a long time. I'll share when it's done. Do you use a computer after initial sketches? If so what program
NachoMon Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2016
No, I just ink the drawing and then scan, later apply photoshop color scheme. Actually is a simple color with just 2 tones
Mrledward Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016
Thanks for letting me know. Might give that a try. See Attached what i was able to pull off sort of imitating your style. Hope you dont mind! :)
HunterDarkWolf Featured By Owner Edited Jun 1, 2016  Student Artist
For Russ and the All Father dude I love your Space Wolves art
Kergonan Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Hi, I've a fan of your work since Dragon Fall. This comic and "Les Chevaliers de 'l'Horoscope" are my 2 must read when I'm in a sad mood. Only recently did I find your DA page, but now I did, I'll keep my eyes on it.

Thank you for all the burst of laught, Mr Fernandez.
classicgamer76 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2016
This is a really interesting gallery you have here!
Congrats and keep up the great work!
NachoMon Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2016
Many thanks! I try to do my best!
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